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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any fees or commissions for selling items on HiKinjo App?

Yes, there are fees or commissions for selling items on our platform.

We believe in providing an affordable and accessible service to our community members.

Any transactions made for the sale of items which are solely between the buyer and the seller, have different commission depending on the transaction itself.

How can I sell items online locally?

We offer a user-friendly space in our App where you can sell items online within your local community, you only pay a commission once a purchased in made .

Simply sign up, create a listing for your item, add details and photos, and set a price.

Interested buyers in your area can then browse your listing and contact you directly to make a purchase.

How can I connect with like-minded locals in the UK?

Our platform offers various ways to connect with like-minded locals.

You can join our facebook community group and participate in local events and activities that are often shared within the app,

Once you are logged in, use our messaging feature to directly reach out to other members who share similar interests. It's a great opportunity to expand your social circle and meet new people in your area.

How can I find local experts in my area?

If you're looking to connect with local experts, our platform offers a directory of professionals in various fields. Whether you need guidance with a particular skill, want to learn something new, or require professional services, our directory can help you find the right experts in your neighborhood.

How Do I Delete My Profile?

To delete your profile, follow the instructions below:

Click on - My Profile > Settings >  Account Settings > Delete

This will delete all of your data, posts, chats, and every other detail from the app.

Please Note: 

  • Do note that you will lose the loyalty points that you’ve earned when you delete your account
  • If you delete it is advisable to withdraw and settle all your balance with hikinjo.
  • You will not be able to delete your account if you have ongoing live orders pending. You’ve to either complete the order or cancel them to or delete your account.

Can I Add Photos To My Posts?

  • Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so. Whenever you create a Request or add a Service, you need to enter as much information as possible. Pictures make your posts stand out!
  • When creating a post, below the post description you’ll see a camera icon with a + on top. When you click on it, you’ll find two options: Select From Gallery or Take Photo. Once you’ve selected or captured the photo(s) you want to upload, you can then continue filling in the information in your post. When you’re ready, click Post.

How Do I Post/Ask About Services I'm Sharing / Receiving In The Community?

  • Open the HiKinjo app. On the Home Screen, scroll down to the + icon. Click on Add your Offer, then Add your Request.
  • Start by filling in all the information you want to add. You’ll see a few categories displayed (Food, Lessons, Rentals, Helping Hands, etc). Select the category that best fits your post. Can’t find a suitable category? Simply choose Others.
  • Add as many details and tags to your post as possible, including the available date/s, the price of your service or rental, and if you’re offering a delivery option or not. Remember, the more detailed you make a post, the more neighbours it will reach!

How Do I Sign Up To HiKinjo?

  • Open the app and click on Get Started to create an account. You can login using third-party services such as Google or Facebook and via your mobile number.
  • Next, enter your phone number and request an OTP. You’ll be asked to enter the code you receive by SMS to verify your phone number.
  • You’ll then be prompted to fill in your details and click Next. Please use your real name and authentic information, as this will be a requirement for the address verification.
  • We recommend you add the correct address to enjoy the full benefits of your neighbourhood.

How Do I Invite My Neighbours And Friends To Join HiKinjo?

Open the HiKinjo app, go to My Profile > My People  > Invite and a code will be generated (or you can generate a QR Code to share with family and friends). Remember; the more people you invite, the Kudos Points you’ll earn!

How Are Users Verified On Hikinjo

All HiKinjo users are required to verify their address via their passport, driving licence, utility bill, or tax bill, and via an OTP sent to their phone number. Mobile numbers can be associated with one user and one neighbourhood only. Our Partner “ShuftiPro” will verify the details provided by the user.

Is There A Minimum Age For Using Hikinjo?

Users of all age groups are free to use HiKinjo. However, users below 16 are required to get permission/confirmation from their parents/ legal guardians.

How Do I Know If My Request To Provide Has Been Accepted/Denied By The Consumer?

If your request gets accepted/denied, you will get a notification in your notifications area on the application. One more way to check your response for the request submitted is by clicking on My Posts > My Responses > and selecting the required post. Here, you can then click on View Responses to check the status of the order.

Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel A Service At The Last Moment?

Yes, you can ask for a refund, but it all depends on the following scenarios:

  • If you cancel a service “before the acceptance” from the fellow provider, you are eligible for a refund, after deduction of service charge.
  • After the cancellation has been accepted, the cancellation rule is as per the condition set by the provider in the offer. If the consumer cancels before the deadline mentioned by the provider he will get a full refund (deducting service charge).. If cancelled after the deadline, the % of amount mentioned by the provider will be refunded.


Note: One can cancel service as a consumer only and cancellation is only applicable if the service has not been started by the provider.

Where Can I See All My Notifications On The App?

Open the app, go to the Home-Screen and you will find a Bell icon on the top right corner of your screen. Here, you’ll be able to find all your notifications in one place.

How Can I Report Abusive Or Inappropriate Behaviour On The App?

Click on the post /comment that you find inappropriate and click on the 3 dots icon and select the Report option. Please give as many details as your can and we will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

How Can I Reschedule A Service?

Please locate the Exchanges section from the home-screen and click on the Request or Offer section and select the desired event you want to reschedule. Next, click on the relevant order and click on the Reschedule button. From there, you’ll be redirected to a new screen where you can make your desired changes

Please Note: When rescheduling an order, the user cannot change the quantity or the duration of the service. You can only change the dates.

The Request section includes the details of the services listed by your fellow Kinjo, as well as your confirmation in availing these services.
The Offer section will include the details of the listings you agreed to provide for your fellow Kinjo.

How Can I Upload Or See The Certificates I Uploaded On HiKinjo?

Open the HiKinjo app, go to the My Profile section and click on My Skills and Certificates. Here, you’ll be able to find and update your certificate details.

How Can I Check My Rewards On The App?

Open the HiKinjo app, go to: My Profile > My Rewards

Here, you’ll find details such as; how many rewards you gained for inviting new users, how many 5-star ratings you have received, new services you have provided and much more!

How Can I Chat With My Neighbours?

You can find the Chat Box icon on the top right corner of the home-screen. By clicking on it, users can access the chat facility. If you still want to converse with your neighbours you can use the comment section under any post. 

Please Note: The user is unable to initiate conversations with fellow Kinjos unless you are in an active transaction with said user. Once the transaction is over the chat will be closed for both the users in the chain.

Who can see my posts on HiKinjo?

Your posts will appear on the feed of the people in and around your neighbourhood. Remember, the distance your post reaches can be controlled/configured under: My Profile > Settings > Location Settings.

Why Can I See Posts From Other Neighbourhoods?

Not only can you view posts from your neighbourhood, but HiKinjo also gives you the option to view posts from nearby neighbourhoods as well, in order to reach a wider audience. This can be controlled/configured under: My Profile > Settings > Location Settings.

How Can I See The Posts I Have Posted?

Click on the My Posts tab from the bottom menu bar, and all your posts will appear either as: My Request, My Services, My Response, My Feed, My Ad.

How Do I Delete Or Edit A Comment?

To Delete or Edit a comment, simply click on the comment you want to edit or delete and click the 3 dots icon on the comment. Here, you’ll be able to complete your desired action.

How Do I Comment On Or Reply To A Post?

You can comment on a post by clicking the Comment icon below the post or by clicking on the number of comments on the post. As of now, we do not allow our users to reply to fellow Kinjos comments.

How Can I See Who Liked My Post?

Click on the number of likes and you will see the list of the people who have liked your post so far.

What can I use HiKinjo for?

Through HiKinjo, you can connect to other users in your neighbourhood to offer your unique skills to help others, request help on everyday tasks, share relevant community information, promote local tradesmen and businesses, and much more!

How Can I Change My Mobile Number?

  • Open the HiKinjo app, go to: My Profile > Personal Information.
  • Here, you will find your phone number, where you can edit/update as needed.
  • Click on Save to save your changes.
  • Once you have completed the edit, you will then be asked to verify the new phone number again by an OTP, which will be sent via SMS to achieve your verified account status.

Please Note: Validating your number is not compulsory, but we recommend that you verify your number in order to complete your profile and enjoy all the benefits of being a Kinjo.

How Can I View, Add Or Change My Profile Picture?

  • Open the HiKinjo app, go to: My Profile > Personal Information.
  • On your profile picture, you should see the option to Edit your profile picture. Simply click Edit to update your profile pic.
  • To add a new picture; select a photo from your phone gallery, or take a new picture using your camera. The picture you choose will be automatically uploaded as your profile picture.
  • Alternatively, users can now use one of our default avatars as a profile photo.

How Can I Edit My Name Or Address?

  • Open the HiKinjo app, go to: My Profile > Personal Information.
  • Click Edit to update your details.
  • Once you have completed your edits, click Save to ensure your updates have been amended. 

Please Note: after editing the details, the user will have to re-verify their address to retain their verified user status.

How Do I Sign Out?

Open the HiKinjo app, go to: My Profile > Settings.
Click on Account Settings from the list of options and select the Logout option.

How Do I Like/Unlike A Post?

You can like/unlike a post by clicking the Thumbs-Up icon on the post.

How Do I Delete/Edit My Post?

Find the post that you want to delete from the My Post section and click on the 3 dots icon from the right side of the post. Click Edit, and you’ll be able to edit your post. Click Delete, and your post will be deleted.

Why Does HiKinjo Request My Mobile Number?

We request your mobile number to log you into the app. This ensures that neighbours are engaging with other neighbours on the platform who are genuine, authentic and verified. 

Please note: we will not display your mobile number to any other neighbour under any circumstances unless the user shares it in their post, comment or chat.

Can I Sign Up To HiKinjo With Social Media Login Credentials?

Yes, currently you can sign up using Google or with your Facebook ID.

How Are Users Verified On Hikinjo?

All HiKinjo users are required to verify their address via their passport, driving licence, utility bill, or tax bill, and via an OTP sent to their phone number. Mobile numbers can be associated with one user and one neighbourhood only. Our Partner “ShuftiPro” will verify the details provided by the user.

What is HiKinjo?

HiKinjo is an innovative digital app that enables neighbours to network securely, creating an environment whereby local users can safely build connections, hire, and promote their own services.


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