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September 7, 2023

6 Amazing Book Recommendations For Your Book Club This Autumn!

Book club in a cafe.

When you think of Autumn, you might think of the leaves falling off the trees, the chilly, dark evenings, Halloween, Bonfire night and the spiced pumpkin lattes you can buy from a certain popular coffee outlet. 

You might also think of cosying up with a good book (or three!)

But wait… before you dive into that first chapter, how about sharing your reading experience at the same time as other people?

That’s right; we’re talking about book clubs, and we have 6 amazing book recommendations for your book club this Autumn, but more about that later... first of all, have you ever thought about being part of a book club? Or starting a book club online? The benefits are aplenty.

Here are just 3 reasons we think book clubs are amazing...

3 Benefits of Joining A Book Club...

Woman's book club in a house.
  • They Get You Reading New Genres!

That’s right - by joining a book club you’ll naturally be reading genres you wouldn’t usually tackle. Are you used to reading cosy crime thrillers? How about some historical fiction? Got a shelf full of graphic novels? Maybe it’s time you read one of the classics? Delving into different genres will open you up to whole different worlds.

  • They Entice You To Read More Regularly.

The most avid readers read on average 12 books a year, but for us mere mortals, we can be guilty of yielding to distractions such as Netflix and futile social media scrolling. By signing up to a book club in your local area, you’re committing yourself to reading with a deadline. No more Words with Friends!

  • You Make New Friends!

And to save the best until last, a neighbourhood book club will introduce you to a whole new group of people in your community, all with one common interest; reading books! Join (or start) a book club in your area today and give your social life a boost! 

6 Amazing Book Recommendations for Your Book Club This Autumn!

Book club in a pub.

Whether you’re already part of a book club, or you're thinking of joining one, or indeed, starting your own, we’ve put together a collection of 6 books for your book club, perfect for the Autumn!

  1. The Last Devil to Die - Richard Osman:

A mysterious package smuggled across the British coast? Bodies piling up? It can only be the fourth instalment in Richard Osmans million-selling Thursday Murder Club series. In The Last Devil to Die, the club faces one of their most dangerous opponents yet…  Will you work it out before they do?

  1. Weirdo - Sara Pascoe:

Award-winning comedian, Sara Pascoe, has been receiving rave reviews for her debut novel, ‘Weirdo,’ and for good reason! Sara’s protagonist, Sophie, is struggling to make good decisions in her life, due to her inability to act normal, a quirk which often gets her into troublesome (and chaotic) situations…

  1. The Running Grave - Robert Galbraith:

The Running Grave is the seventh Strike novel to be released by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling) and this time round, Private Detective Cormoran Strike is about to get into more danger than ever before as he battles to save Will from the clasps of the Universal Humanitarian Church; a peaceful organisation with VERY dark undertones…

  1. A House For Alice - Diana Evans:

A bold, beautiful story from the same writer who brought us the bestselling Ordinary People. Alice is looking for a new place to live - her final resting home. She’d like to go back to Nigeria, but her three daughters have conflicting opinions… A gorgeous, enticing read.

  1. Emperor of Rome: Ruling the Ancient Roman World - Mary Beard:

Fancy some non-fiction? Famed historian and author Mary Beard presents a fascinating look at the Roman Emperor and the rich and varied characters that dominated the era.

  1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie: (Reissue)

Secrets. Guilt. Blackmail. Death. This dark and twisty Agatha Christie classic has it all, and has just been reissued. We’d highly recommend this as a fabulous addition to any book club - a perfect Autumnal read!

Download Hikinjo And Join/Start A Book Club Today!

So there we have it. 6 carefully selected books from some of the world’s most famous authors that you can proudly take to your book club this Autumn. And remember; being part of a book club has tons of benefits. And you find yourself thinking; 'But there aren't any local book clubs near me!' Then why not start a book club in your local area today via Hikinjo?!

Download Hikinjo today and start your side hustle adventure…

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