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September 1, 2023

Teach Your Tech: 5 Computer Programmes To Teach To Your Neighbours.

Man teaching computer skills.

How many computer programmes can you name? Probably more than you think…

There’s Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, 

From data entry to graphic design, to special effects in film and making animations; computer programmes are used all over the world for many different reasons. 

But did you know that learning just one computer program can set you up with a career for life? 

That’s why people are always looking for great computer programme teachers… and this is where YOU come in…

If you’re a tech wizard and you don’t think spam and cookies are just things you eat, then you might be just what your neighbourhood needs; some to teach computer programs as a side hustle…

Join us as we list 5 of the most popular computer programs to teach in your community:

  1. Canva

Canva has come a long way since it was launched over a decade ago. It now boasts over 135 million users worldwide each month and is used to create eye-catching, contemporary designs the world over. (Plus, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it…)

You can teach your students how to create; social media images, videos, GIFs, posters, presentations, and even websites. 

Canva’s accessable interface makes it the ideal app for pupils of all ages. 

  1. Adobe Suite

Adobe has an estimated 30 million monthly subscribers using their wide-range of products. 

Photoshop is the most popular Adobe app, and lets the user edit, manipulate imagery as well as create basic animations too. 

The catalogue of Adobe apps is vast, however, and if you know your Premier Pro from your After Effects and Illustrator, then you can earn money teaching these programmes in your area.

  1. Microsoft Office Suite

Ah, Microsoft Office. Now that tasks us back! Although it feels like it’s the granddaddy of all computer programmes, it’s still widely used the world over. In fact, Microsoft still boasts nearly 1 million users daily. 

From Word, to Excel to Powerpoint to Outlook and more; it seems that Microsoft isn't going anywhere! With their ever-popular presence, it’s easy to assume that everybody knows everything there is to know about these apps - wrong! (We could all do with an Excel refresher, right?!) Promote yourself as a Microsoft Office expert in your community and you might need to make a few spreadsheets to keep tabs on your extra income!

  1. Python

After years at the top of the tree, Python is the go-to when it comes to learning coding. According to Developers Survey, Python was the fastest growing programming language in 2019, with a 21% growth rate, and it shows no signs of slowing down. We use coding for everything from websites, to apps, to games, to AI systems (more about that later..), if you're a coder, it’s safe to say you’ll be in-demand for lots of developer jobs in your area. 

So, with that in mind, if you are knowledgeable of coding, and specifically the programming language of Python, then become a coding teacher in your neighbourhood, and earn a little extra!

  1. AI Core

Over the past 5 years, artificial intelligence has gone from strength to strength. We’d go as far to say it’s becoming an integral part of our daily lives/ You’ll now find AI in healthcare, customer services, finance, retail, entertainment and education, to name a few industries. So for those wanting to learn the basics of AI, then AI Core is a great place to start. If you’re well-versed in AI already, then why not become an AI teacher? By passing on your knowledge of building live AI systems, you’ll not only be earning some extra cash, but you’ll be teaching a new generation of tech wizards too!


What people want to learn online is constantly evolving, however, our top 5 computer programmes to teach to your neighbours includes something for everyone. The creative types, (Canva/Adobe Suite) Those into analytics and design (Microsoft Office Suit and Python) and those wanting to incorporate the next gen of computer programming into their lives with AI (AI Core).

These easily teachable programmes are highly sought after skill sets and are the perfect way for you to earn a side-hustle in your neighbourhood.

Download Hikinho and get started in your area today!

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