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August 29, 2023

Cost Of Living: 6 Ways Your Neighbourhood Can Help You Save And Earn Money.

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Around 9 in 10 adults living in the U.K have reported that their cost of living has increased over the past 12 months. This has seen us search for new ways to cut down on our spending. From cutting down on expensive takeaways, to bringing in our own lunch to work, from switching to energy efficient appliances, to turning down our thermostats; it seems that most of us are looking for clever ways to save money in an increasingly costly society. 

These widespread hikes in costs are exactly why the sharing economy is currently going from strength to strength, with lots of communities choosing to rely on each other more and more throughout these challenging times.

Of course, as well as saving you money, the other main benefit that comes from involving yourself in neighbourhood ventures is that it helps you to form new relationships and expand your social circle (more about that later…)

Firstly, let’s dive into 6 ways your neighbourhood can help you save and earn money...

The benefits of speaking to your neighbours are aplenty. From learning about new perspectives to networking for your gains, but today we’re going to look at how your neighbourhood can present you with easy ways to save money. 

If you need some help to initiate that first conversation with your neighbours, then check out our blog; ‘5 Ways To Break the Ice with your Neighbours.’

Ready to save big time?! Without further ado, please find below our list of 6 ways your neighbourhood can help you save and earn money.

  1. Cooking Together/Meal Swaps.
Young adult sharing cooking with neighbour.

Whatever differences we have with our neighbours, there’s one common denominator that will always bind us together; our love of food. This is exactly why eating together is a surefire way to get to know your neighbours and essential when you’re looking at ways to budget for your family. In a recent survey, 91% of parents said their family was less stressed when they sat down and shared meal time together. We bet the same can be said for neighbours too. Naturally, a huge benefit of cooking for each other is that you get to save money too. Why not take it in turns to cook for one another? No more wasting leftovers - invite your neighbours over to eat (or batch it up for them to enjoy later). Your neighbour gets to save money, and you get that glowing feel-good feeling!

  1. Item Swapping (Blankets/Coats etc)

Item swapping is a great way to give your house a Spring clean of items you no longer use whilst also getting something you need in exchange. For example, you might want to get rid of a few books that you’ve already devoured, and in exchange, your neighbour might be looking to get rid of a few blankets - a perfect exchange. Another swap idea might be a games console for a musical instrument, or a coffee machine for an exercise bike. The possibilities really are endless. So download Hikinjo today, exchange your unwanted items and save some money along the way!

  1. Skill Sharing (DIY/Cooking/Gardening etc)

Got a skill you wouldn’t mind sharing in exchange for another skill? Be it cooking, gardening, DIY, or IT support; if you’ve got a skill then Hikinjo needs you! The premise is simple: log onto the app, post a free ad listing your skill(s), and what skill(s) you’d like in exchange. For instance, you might be able to manage someone’s social media account in exchange for receiving cooked meals. Or, you could offer to clean someone’s house in exchange for Spanish language lessons? Again, the great thing about skill sharing is that the possibilities are endless, and it’s a win-win for both parties.

  1. Pet Sitting

Getting to know your neighbours can present you with genuine money saving opportunities. Like pet sitting for example. As you’re probably already aware, taking your pets to be looked after by local animal boarding and dog kennels in your area can be costly. Your neighbours will look after your pets for a smidgen of the price, AND they’ll get to spend some time with your pet too, which brings us to our next point: 74% of pet owners report that owning an animal is a boost to their mental health. This is because our furry, four-legged friends can help to reduce loneliness, stress and anxiety. You get to save some money, your neighbour gets to earn a little extra and boost their mood too!

  1. Car Sharing

As a lot of us know, fuel is one of the things that has increased the most over the past few years. From June 2021 to June 2022, the cost of motor fuels had risen to more than a 42% increase! So, with this in mind, it’s only fair we mention car sharing. Put a post on Hikinjo expressing your desire to find a car share in your area and you might be surprised who messages you back. The premise of car-sharing, (or car-pooling) is simple: someone gives you a lift, and you offer a little contribution to the fuel in return ( or vice versa). (As a bonus, you might also get to do some car-pool karaoke!)

  1. Item Borrowing.
Neighbour delivering a parcel.

Maybe you have a shed/garage full of tools and machinery such as lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, drills, saws, nail guns, glue guns, sanders, angle grinders and more? Why not offer a hiring service in your local area where you get to earn money through hiring your tools out to people in your community? You’ll get to earn money and your neighbours will get to save money (instead of having to purchase expensive equipment). 

Download Hikinjo And Start Saving Today!

When it comes to tips on the best ways to save money in the UK, building relationships within your community is a great place to start. Why? Because it’s in our nature to care and fend for our fellow neighbours during tough times. Helping others actually boosts our own self-esteem too, and will give you a sense of belonging, so it’s a win–win situation! Get started today, simply log-on to the Hikinjo app and see who’s in your local area.

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