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August 24, 2023

5 Ways To 'Break The Ice' With Your Neighbours.

Neighbours in a street party.

When was the last time you spoke to the people living in your street? 

A recent study found that 1 in 20 Britain's have never spoken to their neighbours; a statistic that we’re on a mission to improve!

The benefits of speaking to your neighbours are endless and, simply put, will change your life for the better (more about that later!)

But firstly, how do you make that initial move and strike up a conversation without any of the social awkwardness that comes with speaking to someone you barely know? It can be hard to know how to make friends as an adult, right?!

Fear not - we’ve got you! We’ve done some extensive research and gathered together 5 of the best ways you can break the ice with your neighbours, pathing the way to street of genuinely meaningful connections. 

Ready to become a social butterfly? Let’s go!

The Benefits Of Talking To Your Neighbours

Two neighbours talking over the fence.

Yes, widening your social circle is usually always beneficial to both parties, but developing relationships with your neighbours and the residents of your local area can come with even more benefits than, say, simply getting to know someone who lives in the next town. 

Just take a look at the following list, for example: 

  • Networking:

Did you know that nearly 80% of people agree that networking plays a vital role when it comes to career progression. It goes without saying that any new connection in your life can open new doors. Be it with your career, your hobbies, and even your love life! 

  • They Can Benefit Your Health and Wellbeing:

Studies have shown that forming good relationships with your neighbours (or with anyone for that matter) is strongly related to enjoying good mental and physical health. 

  • Pet-Sitting:

Of course there are pet-sitting businesses, but they can be pricey affairs. The average price for looking after a dog for a week will most certainly be into the hundreds. So, instead of pouring your money down the drain, simply ask your neighbour if they mind popping into your house everyday and feeding your pets whilst you're away. In turn, you can offer to do the same for when they’re away. There’s a catch though - you have to strike up a friendly relationship with them first! 

  • They Can Lend You Things:

You’ve cooked the meat. You’ve roasted the potatoes. You’ve made the Yorkshire pudding. You’ve boiled the vegetables. All you have to do now is switch the kettle on and make the gravy/ But hang on, where is the gravy? Oh no! You’ve ran out and the local shop is shut. Panic over! Next door has got loads of gravy granules - job done. Now you can enjoy your meal!

  • They Can Boost Your Social Life! 

It’s not until you get really chatting to your neighbours that you discover what their hobbies and interests are. After a chinwag over the fence you might find out they too like rock music or theatre or tennis or cricket or stand up comedy etc etc. Now you’ve got someone close by with similar interests as you, and someone close by whom you can share those interests with. So, get nattering and boost your social life, today!

5 Best Ways To 'Break The Ice' With Your Neighbours.

Neighbours shaking hands.
  1. Invite Them To A Game Night. 

Game nights are wonderful for breaking the ice as they compel you to get out of your comfort zone, and there are SO many good 'break the ice' games to choose from. From Charades, to Pictionary, to Never Have I Ever, to Two Truths One Lie (a good one for breaking the ice questions!) to Rock, Paper, Scissors and MANY more! It’s these types of parlour games that will get your neighbours laughing, chatting and having fun!

  1. Cook Them Something!

Got some leftovers? Don’t bin them, take them next door and see if they fancy a nibble! Food is a great way for people to bond. Firstly, it presents us with common appreciation for something we all do daily, and secondly, well, everybody loves food! Cooking is a particularly good choice for binding if you regularly batch cook things such as cakes, bread or cookies.

  1. Ask If They’d Like To Join Your Team.

You may already belong to a team such as a parkrun group or a local Sunday football team or a wild swimming club. Why not ask your neighbour if they want to get involved too? You now have a person living close by whom you can swap tips with, as well as travel to and fro with.

  1. Throw A Meet And Greet Party.

A great one for new neighbours, but it’s also great for neighbours who have lived close by for years, who you have never really mixed with before. Be it a BBQ, or Halloween party of a simple drinks and snacks gathering, you can be sure that after throwing a party specifically for your neighbours to meet, that your street will suddenly become a much nicer place to live in. (Ps - Not sure what to say? Do a quick Google for break the ice jokes beforehand!)

  1. Invite Them To Join An Online Community For Neighbours!

Sometimes you just have to get with what all the other people are doing and go digital. This is where Hikinjo comes into play! Hikinjo offers you and your neighbours a hub where you can network, hire, promote your businesses, and make new friends locally. 

Download Hikinjo Today And Connect With Like Minded Locals

Talking to your neighbours doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable. All it takes is for one person to initiate that first conversation to get the ball rolling and your friendship will develop from there. From game nights to running clubs, to inviting them to download Hikinjo; we hope our list has inspired you to get to know your neighbour better. You never know where that new friendship may take you in life…

Download Hikinjo today and discover a whole new world on your doorstep!

Hikinjo connects communities together through promoting the sharing economy. Download the Hikinjo app today and make the most out of your community. 

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