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August 21, 2023

4 Ways To Get Your Children ‘School-Ready’ After The Summer Holidays With Hikinjo!

There’s always a point during every Summer holiday (usually the last week) where the parents have to start concerning themselves with the impending return to school, and there’s always a long list of things that parents need to buy, plan and organise to ensure a smooth transition back to normality.

Back to school shopping can include anything from new school uniforms, new P.E kits, new stationary for lessons, water bottles, lunch boxes for school, pencil cases and other supplies. There’s LOTS to consider, and the costs will inevitably mount-up.

Then there’s the emotional aspect. Namely, any worries and concerns your child may have about returning to school. For example, they might be concerned about making new friends in a new school, or they could be concerned that they are behind when it comes to certain lessons such as Maths (I know I was!)

So there’s lots of things a parent needs to resolve before that all importaat first day back. 

As September approaches and the first day back to school nears, it can cause a heap of stress within households. But have no fear, Hikinjo is here to remove some of the hassle.

Download our amazing Hikinjo app and guarantee this year’s first day back is smooth, stress-free, cost-conscious and as easy as ABC!

School teachers and students.

1. Use Hikinjo To Find Pre-Loved School Uniforms.

We all know how expensive school uniforms are in 2023. According to a 2023 report, uniforms for primary school children average at around £287 per child per annum. However, the same report also found that it is at secondary school where the cost really jumps up...

For instance, take a look at the following average costs of new school uniforms in 2023:

  • Coats and bags - £75 per-child annually. 
  • Sports shoes and boots for PE - £63 per-child annually. 
  • School shoes - £62 per-child annually. 
  • Blazers - £46 per-child annually. 
  • Skirts and dresses - £46 per-child annually. 
  • Jumpers and ties - £40 per-child annually. 

When you consider that 58% of UK families have more than 1 child, then you can see how the price can quickly mount up. 

So, what can we do to ease school uniform fees during the Cost of Living Crisis? 

As a hub for the sharing economy, Hikinjo is a great place to start. 

You can use Hikinjo to search your area for neighbours who might have spare uniforms to give away. Be it ties, bags, blazers, jumpers or skirts - you’ll be saving money in no time.

2. Use Hikinjo to Hire After School Tutors in your Area:

All of us can remember struggling with at least one subject from school, right? According to research, 1 in 25 children struggle with Maths, for example. This can cause a few mind-summer holiday jitters, as children contemplate the fear of not being able to keep up with other students in their class. So what can we do about this? Hikinjo has the solution! Simply log on to the app and search your neighbourhood to discover local tutors in your community who can provide some invaluable academic lessons.

3. Use Hikinjo to Discover Carpool Options In Your Community.

Primary school child and parent

Ahhh… the infamous school-run! If you’re lucky enough to live near your child’s school, or if your child is collected by the school bus, then you can skip to the next part. If not, then we’ve got your back! Hikinjo provides a great place for you to find local parents who are driving their children into school. Why not offer them something in return for their chauffeuring services by making them a roast dinner once a week? Or offering to babysit? The possibilities are endless, but the whole point is that by sharing within our community, we can each enjoy a better life.

4. Use Hikinjo to Find New Friends (for you as well as your Child)

If you've ever pondered on how to make friends at a new school, or indeed, how to make friends at a new place of work, then you're not alone. The Hikinjo app is designed to connect local residents to one another, not just for business opportunities, but socially too. Why not put a post up on our wall saying that you’d love to find some friends from a similar age group for your child? You could list their favourite hobbies such as sports, gaming, music or dance, and see if there is anyone else looking for new chums too. You never know, their new best friends could be living next door! It doesn't stop there. Naturally, we hope you’ll be able to find new friends in your neighbourhood for you too.


Returning to school after a long break can be an exciting time for children, as back to school activities ensure it’s usually an easy process for most. But it can also be a time of stress and pressure for both children and parents alike. Pressures such as keeping up with other families financially, or finding ways to get better at academic subjects such as Maths, English or Science can take its toll. Our hope is that Hikinjo can help steer you through these unnecessary stresses to make sure that coming back to school is a breeze for both you and your child(ren).

School parents and children.

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