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July 21, 2023

Navigating the Cost of Living in the UK: Starting a Side Hustle at Any Age

Living in the United Kingdom can be both exciting and challenging. One of the biggest challenges many are facing right now is the cost-of-living crisis. As of November 2021, 9 out of 10 adults in Great Britain have reported that their cost of living has gone up, in comparison to 6 in 10 adults the prior year. 

94% of people asked said that most reasons for these increased costs were down to the rise in food costs. Inflation over the past year has increased by 19% for food and beverages. When you consider that the average rise in inflation is usually around 2% per annum, you can see why this has been such a huge issue for most of us.

In this article, we’re going to explore how starting a side hustle can help people, just like you to boost your monthly income during these tough times.

Additionally, we’ll tell you all about our new innovative app called HiKinjo, which connects locals in the UK, giving you a whole new world right at your doorstep whereby you can promote your side hustle for free!

Understanding the Cost of Living in the UK:

The UK is known for its vibrant cities (London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester to name a few!) its rich history, and diverse culture. However, it also has a much higher cost of living compared to many other countries. 

From accommodation and transportation to food shopping and household bills such as electricity and heating, expenses can quickly add up. It’s therefore crucial to be aware of the cost of living and plan accordingly. In fact, household bills in the UK rose a staggering 54% in April 2022, meaning that many families were lacking when it came to essentials such as food. 

The amazing charity, Trussell Trust, stated that during 2022, the amount of emergency food parcels distributed climbed to a shocking 3 million; a 37% year-on-year increase. 

This is just one of many reasons people in the UK have turned to starting a side-hustle, to ensure their bank balance gets a boost, and to keep afloat during these challenging times. 

The good news is, so long as you have a skill you can monetise, you can start your side hustle at any age!

Starting a Side Hustle:

Did you know that 49% of people aged between 18-35 state they have a side hustle? And 41% of people aged between 35-55 also declare having one. Additionally, 27% of people aged 55+ also admit to having a side-hustle. 

The point is, it is never too late to start your side hustle. 

Ages aside, starting a side hustle can provide a valuable source of income to supplement your primary earnings and to help you meet the rising costs of living in the UK. Whether you are a student, a full-time employee, or a retiree; a side hustle can offer financial stability and flexibility, as well as the monetary freedom to pursue your own interests such as travelling and keeping fit.

Benefits of Starting a Side Hustle:

There are SO many benefits to starting a side hustle, it’s impossible to list them all. 

Here are our top three reasons:

  • Extra Income: Engaging in a side hustle allows you to earn additional income, which can be allocated towards your living expenses or savings.
  • Skill Development: Pursuing a side hustle provides an opportunity to develop new skills or utilise existing ones, enhancing your professional profile.
  • Flexibility: Side hustles often offer flexible working hours, enabling you to balance your main job, personal commitments, and the pursuit of your passions.

HiKinjo: Connecting Locals in The UK:

HiKinjo is an innovative app designed to connect locals in the UK through task-sharing. The app facilitates communication and collaboration among individuals within local communities, offering a platform to exchange services, skills, and resources. HiKinjo helps foster a sense of community and enables individuals to earn and save money by engaging in task-sharing activities.

Advantages of HiKinjo:

Wherever your side hustle includes local gardening, local hairdressing, local tech support, local baking or local cleaning services, Hikinjo can help you. 

Here’s just ways ways in which our app can boost your chances of starting a successful side hustle:

  • Task-Sharing: HiKinjo allows users to post tasks or services they need help with, such as gardening, pet sitting, or language tutoring. This fosters a sense of community and provides an avenue for locals to assist each other.
  • Earning Opportunities: By utilising HiKinjo, individuals can offer their expertise or services and earn money for their skills, allowing them to supplement their income and manage their cost of living.
  • Enhanced Social Connections: The app promotes interaction and collaboration, enabling locals to connect with each other and build meaningful relationships within their communities.

Navigating the cost of living in the UK can be challenging, but starting a side hustle can provide a viable solution. Regardless of age, a side hustle offers financial stability, skill development, and flexibility. Additionally, apps like HiKinjo facilitate task-sharing and connect locals in the UK, enabling them to support each other and earn extra income. Embrace the opportunities available, explore your passions, and take control of your financial well-being in the face of the UK's cost of living.

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