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July 12, 2023

15 Ways You Can Boost Your Bank Balance During The Cost Of Living Crisis in 2023

As of January 2023, 92% of UK households reported that their cost of living had increased compared to 2022.

That’s a staggering amount…

It’s times like these that we all have to pull together, and HiKinjo want to do our bit.
This is why we’ve curated 15 ways you can boost your bank balance during the cost of living crisis, and the good news is that you can do it all on the HiKinjo app!

Most of us have had to make changes and cutbacks in order to keep afloat during these difficult times, haven’t we?

Be it switching to a bank with higher interest rates, or changing to a cheaper phone contract, or searching for the best food shopping deals online - every little helps (see what we did there?!)

But how can you actually earn a little extra? 

Here are 15 ways that the HiKinjo app can be beneficial in increasing your income in your neighbourhood, and you can start today…

  1. Sell Your Unwanted Clothes:

Pre-loved clothes have never been more chic and in-demand. According to Globaldata, the clothes resale market in the UK grew by 149% between 2016 and 2022, so now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get involved. Do you have a special part of your wardrobe dedicated to all the clothes you only ever wore once? We thought as much… From shoes to dresses to jumpers to jeans; you’ll never wear them again, so why not give your wardrobe a good clear out and earn some money for your second hand clothes too? Simply take a photo of your garments, post it on the HiKinjo Wall, and watch the money roll in!

2. Sell Your Unwanted Furniture:

Looking for where to sell your unwanted furniture? Look no further. Hikinjo is perfect for three reasons: 1) It’s a neighbourhood app that focuses specifically on the people in your area, so neither party will have to travel far for delivery. 2) Neighbours who are new to the area will be looking for furniture to buy, and 3) The reuse of items has become a popular choice for many wanting to live a more sustainable existence.

The demand for pre-owned items such as tables and chairs, chests of drawers, fridges etc is high, and will be for the foreseeable future. Is there cash in the attic? Take a look today!

  1. Upcycle Furniture: 

Whilst we’re on the subject, why not offer up your services as an upcycler of furniture in your street? If you’ve ever seen the BBC1 show Money for Nothing, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Create a post on HiKinjo offering to upgrade and modernise outdated bits of furniture and not only could you save your neighbour’s blushes from owning a moth-eaten floral armchair from the 1980s, but you could also earn a nice little profit too.

4. Offer Your Services As A DIY Expert:

DIY: you either love it or loathe it. If you fall into the former category like your writer here does, then you could be making a small fortune by fixing cupboard hinges, or changing a washer on a leaky tap, or putting up shelves etc. Post a free ad on HiKinjo and hey presto - you’ll nail it in no time! (Sorry not sorry!)

5. Offer Your Services As A Gardener:

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees?! If you know your compost from your fertiliser, and you’ve got experience with outdoor jobs such as planting, weeding, mowing lawns and hedge trimming - then you could be the go-to local gardener in your community. 

6. Teach A Language:

Did you know 1.2 billion people in the world are learning a new language right now? The desire to become bilingual is ever-increasing, so if you’re proficient in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese or indeed, English, then become a language tutor in your area today! Comprendido?!

7. Teach An Instrument:

According to reports, 70% of adults who cannot play an instrument regret never learning to play one. What that means for the musical entrepreneurs amongst you is there’s a great opportunity here to teach those in your community who have always wanted to play, but for some reason or other have never taken it up. It’s worth noting, there’s a LOT of money to be earnt from teaching musical instruments. For example, just a quick Google on piano lessons in London, the average lesson starts from around £25 per hour. Samee with guitar lessons in London. (Warning - teach your neighbour how to play the drums at your own peril!)

8. Teach Tech:

If you’re a tech wizard, then how about earning money from your computer skills and teaching your experience in tech to people in your neighbourhood? 

From instructing seniors on how to use the internet safely, to passing on your knowledge of the Adobe suite, to teaching people how to code using Python; the great thing with giving tech lessons is that the scope is huge, as tech is continuously evolving and updating. Post your job ad on HiKinjo today and help to develop someone’s tech skills. 

9. Host A Bric-A-Brac Sale In Your Neighbourhood:

Some call it the David Attingborough effect. Some call it the Greta Thunburg effect, but the appetite to opt for pre-owned items over buying brand new stuff is on the rise. The reason is down to our desire to improve the daily impact humans have both socially and environmentally. By choosing to buy second-hand, you’re doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions, as well as saving old items from being thrown on to landfills or into incinerators. It’s for these reasons that car-boot sales in the UK and neighbourhood bric-a-brac sales are so popular in 2023. From books to kitchen appliances to toys to ornaments and more; organise a bric-a-brac sale on your street and boost your bank balance, all via HiKinjo.

10. Sell Your Bakes:

Don’t be afraid to take whisks (sorry not sorry!) If you’re a dab-hand in the kitchen, then you may be thinking about the best place to sell your cakes online. Well, HiKinjo is becoming the go-to app for top bakers in the UK for the fact that all business is local - so no having to fork-out on expensive cake couriers. There’s also tons of events where you’ll have the opportunity to sell bakes in your neighbourhood. You could soon gain a reputation as being the best wedding cake maker in your area, for example, then earning money will become a piece of cake! (Sorry not sorry!)

11. Sell Your Crafts/Hold Craft Workshops:

The coronavirus 2019 pandemic saw the whole of the UK under lockdown and during this time, lots of us took up indoor hobbies such as making banana bread, learning a language or crafting. From resin crafts to tufting, from punch needling to crochet and knitting; there are TONS making the list of the most popular crafts trends of 2023. If you are an experienced crafter, then download HiKinjo and sell your creations on the app to local customers in your neighbourhood. As a second option, you could even hold craft workshops in your local community, whereby you’ll teach others how to knit that perfect scarf, or how to make your own jewellery to sell. 

12. Dog Walking:

On average, our dogs need to be taken for walks at least three times a week. Now it could be down to the owner’s busy lifestyle, or the fact the owner has a disability that makes dog-walking a challenge; but it’s not always easy to meet the needs of our beloved four legged friends. This is where YOU come in! Advertise yourself via HiKinjo as the local neighbourhood dog walker for hire today - you’d be barking mad not to! (Sorry not sorry!)

13. Pet-Sitting:

Whilst we’re on the topic of dogs, you could also hire yourself out as a pet-sitter in your local area. High costs of commercial dog and cat kennels often put pet owners off of going on holiday in the first place. Open your doors as a pet sitter in your neighbourhood and you’ll also get the added bonus of spending time with all the awesome animals in your community! 

14. Delivery Services

Whether you travel by car, on bike, or on foot; you could be earning extra money just by going to the shops. Let us paint the scene: 

  • It’s Sunday. 
  • You’re about to do your weekly food shop at the big supermarket in town. 
  • You open up HiKinjo and offer your services as a delivery person. 
  • Mr Kemp from number 108 asks if you can pick him up a bag of shopping. 
  • You accept Mr Kemp’s request, pick up his items from the supermarket and deliver them to him - making yourself a profit for delivering the items. 
  • Simple.

15. Beautician Services:

Last but not least, are you an experienced beautician? Because doorstep beauty services are becoming more and more popular due to an increasingly busy clientele. This could include hair extensions, facials, nail-painting, tanning solutions and much more. They get to be pampered in the comfort of their own home. You get to earn money within your community.

These are just 15 ways to boost your bank balance during the cost of living crisis. You’ll find tons more money-spinning ideas on the Hikinjo app itself.

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