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June 19, 2023

2023's Guide To Making Friends As An Adult: Here are 10 hot spots to hang out at and make new connections in London.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for children to make new friends? Be it during school hours, or attending after school-clubs, or playing chat video games such as the Call of Duty series - the possibilities seem endless

It seems to get more difficult as you get older though, don't you think?

In fact, a recent study showed that 45% of adults find it hard to meet new people.

Fear not - the Hikinjo app is on a mission to change this, bringing communities together through a completely unique experience. More about that later….

Firstly, we’re going to present to you the 10 Hottest Meeting Spots to Meet New Connections in London. 

Ready to get connected?

10 Hottest Meeting Spots to Meet New Connections in London!

For the seventh year in a row, global tourism advisor, Resonance, has voted London as the most popular city in the world to live in. 

Even so, the busiest capitals in the world can feel like the loneliest places to live, if you’re not aware of the top places to meet new people. 

That’s why we’ve accumulated a list of 10 of the hottest meeting spots to meet new connections in London.

Let’s dive straight in!

1. For The Cocktail Enthusiast: Florattica:

Rooftop bars are a great setting for meeting new acquaintances. Why? Because they offer extra ambience that you simply won’t find indoors. Ambience that entices guests to stick around just that bit longer. One of the best rooftop bars in London is Florattica - a chic and refined 11-story high rooftop bar in East London. 

What makes Florattica such a hotspot for making new connections? Its Liverpool Street  location is perfect for attracting a wide-variety of Londoners. From bankers to bakers, from market traders to fashionistas and social influencers; the Florattica is a buzzing hub for people of all different ages, from all different industries. Additionally, the unique inner-floral decor and stunning London skyline presents you with a bundle of talking points.

2. For The Coffee Shop Lover: Bar Italia:

When Googling the best coffee shop in London for meeting new people, what you don’t want is a characterless multi-chain coffee shop (we won’t mention any names but you know the ones we’re talking about!)

What you do want is a coffee shop with lots of personality and charm. One of the top coffee shops in London to fill this criteria is Soho’s Bar Italia. Though smaller in comparison to your average London cafe, Bar Italia (est. 1949) is rich in stories of a bygone era. 

With trinkets aplenty and black and white framed photographs showcasing the vibrant history of the place; this is a must-do for any culture-vulture and a perfect place to pull up a stool, sip on a first-class coffee and chat to fellow coffee enthusiasts.

3. For The Science Buff: The Royal Institution:

The Royal Institution is described as a ‘Leading independent charity connecting as many people as possible to the world of science,’ but it’s so much more than that… The Royal Institution theatre holds up to 400 people in its plush red-velvet seating and if you’re a lover of the sciences, you’ll be in good company. The RI has served as the place to be when it comes to science lectures in London, as reflected by over 200 years in hosting some of the world's top Nobel-prize winning scientists. The RI is therefore the ideal setting to meet other people who are also fascinated by all things science.

4. For the Business Schmoozers: ExCel London:

If you’re business-minded, one of the best ways to network in London is to attend a trade show or expo. Trade shows give you access to a wealth of insider knowledge in the guise of exclusive seminars and info sessions, as well as ideas on how to grow your business from scratch, or how to take your business to the next level. You’ll also get to meet with innovators within your trade who are usually more than happy to dish out invaluable advice and furthermore, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with your contemporaries. The best place to network in London is the Excel Centre, who are host to hundreds of expos, trade shows and innovative solutions shows every year.

5. For the Techie: Excel London:

Yes, that’s right, we’re citing the same venue, twice! If you’re looking to make new friends with a passion for technology, then Excel London is the place to go. From info-security to travel-tech, to chatbot summits to world-class speakers giving talks on biotechnology and more; ExCel London entertains some of the largest talks on technology in Europe. Discover the gadgets of tomorrow, find new friends today. 

6. For the Movie Buffs: The BFI:

Events at the British Film Institute (the BFI) are legendary, and have been running ever since it was founded way back in 1933. Situated in London’s picturesque Southbank, the purpose of the BFI is to support the development of film and the art of the moving image. So, what can you expect from attending a BFI event? You can expect Q&A’s with world-famous film directors, you can expect exclusive previews of films and television programmes and you can expect to meet film enthusiasts from all walks of life.

7. For Music Lovers: The Barbican:

When you think of The Barbican Centre in London, you may think of its art exhibitions or its live theatre performances, or its expansive inner-city garden, or its ample library. But the music events at the Barbican Centre are truly something to behold due to its intimate atmosphere (which is unusual for such a vast space). There really is something for everyone, so it’s a great place to meet fellow music lovers of all genres. You’ll get to hear full orchestras, GRAMMY award winning instrumentalists, the best contemporary jazz, Americana folk and Blues and SO much more. What sets The Barbican Centre apart from other music venues in London is the magnitude and scope of the building itself, which gives you the space you need to shoot the breeze with your fellow gig-goers before and after the performances.

8. For LGBTQ+ Champions: Heaven:

When searching for the top LGBTQ+ venues in London, there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest, namely, Heaven. Heaven first opened its doors in 1979, when the landscape for gay venues in London was pretty sparse. Since then, it’s grown from strength to strength and is now a frequent fixture when it comes to composing lists of the top Gay clubs in Europe, let alone London. Expect carnivals, raves, musical theatre nights, the most popular K-Pop and Disco performers around! If you’re hoping to meet LGBTQ+ communities in London, there is no better place. Fact!

 9. For the Foodies: Camden Food Market:

Calling all foodies: you can spend months trying to discover the most popular restaurants in London, but if it’s variety and a friendly atmosphere in which to meet new foodies you’re after, then we recommend London’s food markets. Camden food market is arguably one of the best. As soon as you step foot in this snacking wonderland, you’ll be blown away by the sheer diversity of cuisines on offer. With pasta, tacos, curries, burgers, vegan/veggie dishes, Greek and Middle-Eastern delights, bubble teas, Poke bowls, pancakes and our writer’s personal favourite; the Yorkshire pudding burritos - you really are truly spoilt for choice! Add to this dome seating areas and it’s also the ideal setting to sit down and meet fellow food fans face-to-face.

10. For The Art Admirer: The Tate Lates:

Looking to connect with other artists? Hoping to find fellow photographers? Want to discuss the ins and outs of modern contemporary dance and sculpture? Tate Lates have got you covered! Tate Lates are open from around 6pm until 10pm weekdays and bring together like-minded, artistic communities who all want to share in an evening of creativity and expression. From talks with rising stars of the art world and pioneers alike, to workshops that are great for breaking the ice and getting everyone chatting; Tate Lates offer up an excellent opportunity to mingle and make new friends in the arts. (Ps. If you’re looking for free events in London, Tate Lates are more often than not on the house!)

Finding friends in your adult years isn’t always the easiest task, and we hope these places have given you a thirst for thought when it comes to meeting new connections with people who share common interests with you.

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