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February 2, 2023

Top 5 New year resolutions and how to keep them with HiKinjo

Every year, millions of us make New Year resolutions in hope of improving our lives. Be it boosting our physical health with more exercise, eating healthier foods, or improving our work/life balance - most of us have one common goal: to change for the better.  

Unfortunately, only 9% of New Year resolutions make it through past January, with most people giving up by January 13th.  

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for New Year's resolutions you might not have thought of, the most common objectives we set each year, and some fantastic ways you can ensure you succeed with HiKinjo by your side! 

  1. Improving my fitness 

More than 52% of New Year's resolutions are based around improving our fitness!

From joining gyms to keeping up with Joe Wicks on YouTube, it seems that lots of us aim to lose our festive weight and get beach-body ready, but again, almost 50% of new registrants cancel their gym memberships at the end of January.  

One of the million excuses to not exercise is not finding adequate time out. HiKinjo is a perfect platform to keep you off household chores by giving you flexibility to hire and delegate, saving you extra time and space to enjoy your workouts and morning walks! 

  1. Saving more money 

 We are in the midst of a cost of living crisis so it's fair to say that we are all trying to think of ways to save money in 2023. 

Save more by getting services within your neighbourhood at reasonable rates, pay as per your requirement and save money on every service. We are giving £10 to our new users. Download now to claim yours! 

  1. Pursuing a side gig 

There are many benefits of having a side hustle such as; 1) Having complete control over how it's run, 2) Adding to your financial security, and 3) Getting to do something you love and enjoy and earning at same time. 
HiKinjo gives you plenty of opportunities and ideas to start making extra money in 2023. With HiKinjo, you'll have access to a HUGE community of people just like you! Whether you’re looking to sell your arts and crafts, or you're offering yourself as a pet-sitter, or you enjoy teaching an interesting subject or assisting neighbours with odd chores around the house - the possibilities are endless! 

  1. Decorating or renovating part of my home 

The new year is a great time to welcome in not just personal change, but changes within the house too.  

It's not always easy to find skilled people who can help make these changes, however. If you want to give your home a makeover with some funky new colours, then HiKinjo is the go-to app to make these changes possible. You'll find tons of painters, decorators, and cleaners all ready and willing to make your home look brand new! 

  1. Spending more time with my family 

In today's world of hectic living, it can be all too easy to push aside precious time with our family and friends in favour of working longer hours, or through pursuing our own ambitions. As the old saying goes; there simply aren't enough hours in the day! 

Family time

So how about using HiKinjo to free up some time? For example, you can use HiKinjo to hire a cleaner, freeing you up with a few more hours a week to spend with your loved ones. Perfect! 


We hope these 5 tips help you to keep up the promises you made for yourself so you can make 2023 into the best year ever! As well as finding local heroes to do the jobs you need doing, the HiKinjo app gives you the opportunity to connect with your neighbours to learn – and teach – new skills. No more wasting precious time browsing the internet for what you need, on the HiKinjo platform, you’ll benefit from a wide variety of skillsets all at a fair price.   

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