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December 19, 2022

Rent, reuse, repeat! Tips to spend less and earn more on Christmas

Over the past year or two, especially during the pandemic, individuals started shifting toward greater acceptance of used things and a desire to give back to the neighbourhood. Inflation and the rise in energy and food bills have merely accelerated these trends. As the cost of living rises, Britons are turning more and more to repurposing things they don’t use anymore by offering them to others for rent or selling them, and at the same time renting or buying used things from others as an alternative to buying new and expensive ones is in the rise. There has also been a shift towards buying from local businesses and traders, thus supporting the local economy. There is a “feel-good factor” when turning to the circular economy and supporting your neighbourhood, and as sustainability and the possibility to save money are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the trend will only spread. And this has become even more important in the holiday season when joy and love are in the air.

Renting as an alternative

A typical household in the UK spends 29% more in December than it does in other months, according to a study by the Bank of England. Spending is anticipated to climb even further this year as a result of skyrocketing inflation and rising energy and food prices. To stretch their budgets and be more sustainable, Brits are turning to rent holiday essentials this year as an alternative to retail. 

When it comes to preparing for Christmas, there’s a lot to think about: from the dinner itself to the gifts and dresses. If you’re planning on throwing a big dinner party, you may find yourself with not enough tableware for all your guests. And let’s not forget about the expensive decorations!! So instead of buying new China that you’ll only use on some other special occasion, and decors you’ll use once a year, you can post a request on HiKinjo to rent some from your neighbours and save lots of money. Or perhaps you are not even spending the holidays at home, so your tableware and decorations will be unused. Offer them for rent and help others out while earning in return!

Renting is also a wise option for dressing up, especially when we keep in mind that one in five people won't wear the same outfit to a party more than once. And if you have bought some expensive, elegant dresses in the past, why not rent them to others for the occasion? Offer your dresses for rent on HiKinjo and spread some magic – while making some quick cash!

Selling and buying pre-loved items

Let’s face it. We’ve all bought things that we only used once and then totally forgot about.

This is also true for children. A British Heart Foundation study found that a kid typically grows bored with a toy after 36 days. After 11 hours of play, one-fifth of parents reported that their child lost interest.

Meanwhile, a staggering 80% of toys are thrown in the trash. So instead of buying brand new toys as gifts for Christmas, why not get some pre-loved ones from the neighbourhood kids? Not only will you save quite a lot in gifts, but also, you’ll be helping your neighbours earn the extra cash they need – plus avoiding waste!!

This is a great time to empty all our drawers and closets and put together all those pre-loved items we’re not using anymore. Maybe is a fancy dress or a book you’ve only read once. You may also find some toys your kids don’t use anymore. You can offer any item for sale on HiKinjo and help others find the perfect Xmas gift while earning some quick bucks yourself!

Supporting local entrepreneurs

The holiday season is a great time to support these pillars of your community which are small businesses and traders, especially in these trying economic times. From food and drink to gifts and party favours, decorations, and essential household services, supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses helps boost your community's economy.

So, when getting everything ready for Christmas, think local. On HiKinjo, you can request and offer all sorts of items and services from those nearby. For Xmas dinner, you can find local delicacies for lower prices than the market. And you can even ask for special deliveries or make special orders on any food restrictions you may have. You can even ask for services like house cleaning. Or maybe you need help in setting up your decorations or fixing some Xmas lights. Just find a fellow Kinjo to do the work for you. And don’t forget to rate them! As the year draws to a close, this is a wonderful gift for them, as you show your support to them, but you also help others who may be looking to buy some home-baked goodies themselves.

From offering unused assets or services to buying pre-loved, handcrafted or home-baked goodies from your neighbours, HiKinjo is here to make everything easier for you.

They say the best Christmas gifts come from the heart. From all of us who make HiKinjo, we wish you all the most joyous Christmas filled with love, happiness, and prosperity!

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