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December 6, 2022

Best side hustles for students this Xmas season!

Are you looking to get paid by the hour while managing your uni obligations? Then this is your chance! On HiKinjo, it’s easier than ever to connect with others who may need your assistance, especially this holiday season. Today, we’ve put together some cool and easy side gigs for you to manage your own schedules and earn some extra cash.

House and Pet sitting

Especially fond of pets? There are plenty of owners who will need pet-loving Kinjos to look after their furry friend while they’re away spending the holidays with family and friends.

You can arrange for house visits or, if your flat or house is big enough, you can rent out your pet-sitting services. You can also turn your daily or afternoon strolls into a source of cash by offering your services as a dog walker.

Gift wrapping and DIY decorations

Let's face it: wrapping presents isn't as easy as it seems. But if you have a talent for it, you can help someone out by offering to wrap their presents. And why not sell some DIY decorations to express your inner crafter? You can offer personalized decorations for your customers, or even help put them up!

Xmas grocery shopping

If you have some time between classes, you can offer to do the groceries for others and deliver them to their door. It’s a quite simple job, all you need is to have the grocery list sent to you, and be on your way. How many people are willing to pay for this convenience could surprise you!

Cleaning services

Offer your assistance to someone by cleaning up their space. There are a lot of neighbours hosting Christmas this year who’ll need to clean the house before, during, and after guests arrive. Students may find cleaning jobs to be profitable sources of cash; as you can manage your own timetables and work by the hour, they won't interfere with your coursework.

Baking Xmas goodies

Are you a foodie wanting to start your own meal delivery service? Then HiKinjo is the app for you. It doesn't have to be a high-pressure side gig, but it’s a very lucrative one, especially during this season.

From custom holiday desserts to Christmas tree cupcakes, don an apron and start baking!

Finding a way to make money being a full-time student balancing classes and other duties might be difficult. You should keep work and school separate, set out specific hours for each, and refrain from multitasking. Simply offer your services or products on HiKinjo with your specified schedules, and let the request come to you!

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