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December 2, 2022

Tips for a Jolly – and cash-savvy – Christmas!

Christmas is the season to be jolly, a time to celebrate with your loved ones and delicious food. As preparations for Christmas Day and gift lists are made, and party invites begin to arrive, you begin to worry a lot about costs and money saving. It might not be the best time to spend, given the economic unpredictability signalling a future recession, ongoing pandemic recovery, and inflation.

Fortunately, HiKinjo is here to help you take less stress and spend much less on your holiday preparations! You can find a friendly elf or two to help you put up your Christmas decorations, make arrangements for home-cooked meals and cleaning services, buy some cool, affordable gifts from your neighbours, and even rent some unused tableware you may need!

Affordable, customized gifts

Customized Christmas gift wrapping and delivery

Add a personal touch by giving presents that were specially created for your loved ones. Put together something that is as unique as the recipient.

Maybe it’s a facial and a massage, a mani-pedi, or a lovely hand-drawn portrait. And why not order some paint-by-numbers kits for the kids? You can find the perfect gifts on HiKinjo at much lower prices than on the market! From home-cooked tasty holiday treats to customized handcrafted toys, your neighbours are offering all kinds of products and services including baking, graphic design, and art, perfect for this Christmas season to provide you with the best, customized gifts!

Save on decors

Festive doesn't always mean expensive. Concentrate on decorating your home's most used areas, such as the living and dining rooms. Scaling back your decorations with care will maximize their effect and elegance, getting all of the holiday magic with minimal effort and expenditure. And instead of buying expensive decorations in the Christmas shops, get homemade wreaths or customized stockings to hang by the chimney directly from your neighbours. With HiKinjo, you're sure to find a style that fits your holiday decorating tastes, on a budget. And forget about overspending on tableware! Just post a request asking your neighbours to lend you their spare tableware for Christmas day.

Outsource some tasks and help spread the joy

During the busy holiday season, it’s common to find oneself short on time with all the gift shopping and preparations. Using HiKinjo to delegate some tasks is as simple as can be and can save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, you’ll be supporting your neighbours in their businesses and side gigs, especially in these trying economic times.

Need help with Christmas lighting?

When preparing for Christmas celebrations, there’s no need to tangle in fairy lights or get out the ladder to experience the wonder and the joy

You don’t even have to be running around buying groceries and last-minute holiday shopping. And forget about your housecleaning or snow shovelling! Just grab your phone and connect with your friendly neighbours on HiKinjo to do the work for you.

Buy tasty holiday treats or other seasonal delicacies to enjoy the delightful results without donning an apron. Or send someone else to the market to do your Christmas groceries for you! And let’s not forget about wrapping presents. You can pay your creative adolescent neighbours to add their own unique touch to your gifts. It's a simple holiday job that will provide them with a little more spending money while also allowing you to check one task off your lengthy to-do list.

With HiKinjo, getting ready for the Holidays is super easy. Just post products or service requests on the app and let your neighbours come to your aid! And even better, you’ll spend and worry much less than doing everything by yourself. It’s your time to sit back and be jolly!

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