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November 9, 2022

TAKE ACTION! Save Our World And Make Your Community A Better Place!

Want a quick way to make your community a better place? Start a group of volunteer litter pickers!

Litter spoils the areas where we live, work, and travel. But together, we can make a difference to protect Britain, and keep it looking tidy!

We want to inspire and motivate people to get involved and clean up their neighbourhoods. Whether it's you on your own, or whether you're part of a community, a school, or a business; we can all work together to enhance our environment.

The Concerning Truth About Littering:

Believe or not, littering is still a big problem in Britain. In fact, more than 67 million people in the UK are affected by litter and dirty environments.

Additionally, these issues keep getting worse. Litter is becoming a social justice issue since it pollutes the environment and contributes to poor health and well-being, not only in humans, but in animals too.

Local authorities are accountable for cleaning up littered places since they are expected to keep their land free of trash and debris and to maintain the cleanliness of our roads, and this is an expensive task. That’s why they also spend time and resources working to stop litter from being dropped in the first place.

Some Statistics when it Comes To Littering in the UK:

  • Almost 47% of people in the UK have admitted to dropping litter.
  • The amount of litter dropped in the UK has increased by 500% since the 1960s.
  • The canals and rivers of England and Wales could be plastic-free in a year if every visitor picked up one piece of litter.
  • More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day.
  • 1.3m pieces of rubbish are dropped on UK roads every weekend.

For anyone who's has watched David Attenborough's Earth programmes, or for anyone who's heard any of Greta Thunburg's speeches, you'll know how integral it is that we each do our bit, however small, to ensure that littering doesn't happen.

Indeed, a fresh narrative is necessary given the status of the world and the effects of pollution on natural resources. By making decisions that help the Earth rather than harm it, people can become their own Captain Planet's!

The Dream Objective

Targeted clean-up initiatives could be necessary for some places, but they are not a long-term, sustainable solution, but preventing the flow of waste into the ecosystem is. For instance, clean-up initiatives to stop waste and pollution from entering our rivers and seas can inspire ideas for methods to enhance waste management systems, create more sustainable product design and packaging options, and reduce the creation of single-use plastics.

Local governments must take action to combat the worldwide problem of waste and pollution. HiKinjo’s Neighbourhood Clean-up campaign inspires community initiatives, increases awareness, and offers a stage for actions that protect the environment, putting us, humans, as agents of change.

Let's Start A Clean-Up Revolution!

With all this this mind, we're encouraging our Kinjos (our app users) to start a clean-up revolution in their neighbourhoods! Why? For two main bebefits:

  1. You get a tider, cleaner neighbourhood to live in.
  2. You get to meet other people in your local area with a common interest (saving the planet!)

What You Have To Do:

Let's make your community a better place to live:

  1. Download the Hikino app and create your profile (if you haven't already done so)
  2. Post an ad (free!) that expresses you want to start a group of litter pickers in your local area.
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