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November 9, 2022

Fulfil everyday needs on HiKinjo and get rewarded!

On HiKinjo, we’re all about giving back to our society. That’s why we’ve implemented a unique reward system that recompenses you for the actions you make within the app. From the moment you onboard our app, you’ll start earning Kudos. That’s right! Using the app gives you rewards in the form of ‘Kudos’, which transform into Kinjo wallet money for you to use in any transaction within the app. Awesome right? Here’s what you can do to earn while making your Kinjo community a better, safer one.

Starting your journey on HiKinjo

HiKinjo is built on the cornerstones of trust and dependability, and in the UK, neighbours use HiKinjo daily to create and access work opportunities and side businesses, as well as receive the assistance they require from others nearby. Building genuine relationships with individuals and businesses is paramount to ensuring secure interactions and building a trustworthy community.

The first step in your Kinjo journey is onboarding and creating your profile. For this, you’ll be asked to add your personal information. Don’t worry, we take every precaution to keep your information totally safe and avoid it from reaching the outside world. Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be rewarded 1 Kudo point.

The second step is verification. To make our platform a secure space for everyone, we demand that all users use their true names and require everyone, be it an individual or a business, to get their identities verified.

This is necessary for all users to start doing transactions. HiKinjo allows transactions only among trusted, verified users. In simple words, you cannot make any transaction unless you are verified as a real user.

Verifying is super easy. All you need to do is upload a pic of any government-issued ID you own so that we can check that you’re actually a real person. We rely on ShuftiPro to verify our user’s digital identities. The moment you’re verified you’ll get 2 extra Kudos and will be able to start transacting with other verified Kinjos near you.

Every transaction is rewarded!

As we’ve stated, once your profile is verified, you can start requesting services on HiKinjo. When you complete your first transaction in any category, you get rewarded with 1 Kudo! And this is not only for your first transaction; you’ll get Kudos for reaching certain milestones in your transactions, which turn into Kinjo wallet money for you to use for any of your future transactions:

  • 5 completed tasks get you 1 Kudo.
  • 25 completed tasks get you 5 Kudos
  • 125 completed tasks get you 25 Kudos
  • 625 completed tasks get you 125 Kudos

There’s even more to it. Every time you try out a new category, you also get 2.5 Kudos. And if you try out all categories, you get 5 extra Kudos. So, not only you’ve fulfilled your necessities, but you also get money back in the form of Kudos. Isn’t it awesome!?

Rate your fellow Kinjos

Once you complete a transaction with another Kinjo, you can review them based on your experience. By doing so, you assist others in making more informed decisions, as they can see the reviews before starting a transaction. Other Kinjos can also leave reviews on your profile, and you can see them only if you first leave a review for them.

Every time you give or get a 4 Star Rating, you’ll get 1 Kudo, and if it is a 5 Star Rating, you’ll get 2.5 Kudos! Remember, Kudos turn into Kinjo Wallet money for you to use in more transactions and keep earning.

Grow your community

Get friends and family onboarded on HiKinjo and enjoy the benefits together! You can even invite local businesses you know to help them grow their reach. And, of course, being rewarded in return!

Inviting people you know to use HiKinjo is really simple. In your profile, you’ll find a section called ‘My People. From there, you can invite friends, family members, temporary guests staying with you, or businesses.

All you need to do is select whom you want to invite, and a code will be generated automatically for you to share with them. They can either scan the QR code directly from your phone, or you can send the code through any app on your device. As simple as that!

The moment you share the invite, you’ll get 1 Kudo point. But that’s not it! Once the people you invite onboard the app, you’ll both get Kudos! Remember, Kudos translate into Kinjo wallet money to use in any transaction with your neighbours within the app.

The ultimate list

Here’s a complete list of all the actions you can take to earn Kudos in HiKinjo app.

Kudos forDescriptionNumber of Kudos
Profile CompletionFull profile details filled1
VerificationFull profile verified2
InviteSending an invite1
Invite successfulSuccessful onboarding through invite5
1st Task1st task completed in any category1
5 TasksMilestone 5 tasks completed1
25 TasksMilestone 25 tasks completed5
125 TasksMilestone 125 tasks completed25
625Milestone 625 tasks completed125
4 Stars RatingsFor each 4 Start Rating1
5 Stars RatingsFor each 5 Start Rating2.5
New categoryA consumer trying a new category2.5
All categoriesA consumer tries all categories5

We want everyone to have the best experience using our app. Building trust and enabling real human connections while giving back to our community is the first step towards a better, more sustainable and collaborative future.

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