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November 3, 2022

Whom do you trust?

Every day, neighbours in the UK use HiKinjo to offer and receive help with everyday chores and establish real-world connections with individuals and businesses in their neighbourhood. Trust and reliability are the pillars on which HiKinjo stands. That’s why we’d like to share with you how we achieve them.

Why is Verification so important?

Our platform allows all citizens to create and access job opportunities and side hustles and get the help they need from others near them.  Building real-world connections to leverage and allow safe and positive interactions with your real neighbours is paramount to creating a trustworthy community. To ensure that, we require all users to use their real names and urge all identities to be verified, to make our platform a safe environment for all.

HiKinjo’s Verification process is powered by Shuftipro, a state-of-the-art identity verification solution that verifies users’ identities and addresses through any Government-issued ID card, birth certificate, driving licence, residence permit or passport. We use third-party services for KYC and payment as well because they have years of experience, and are trusted and known for data security.

Verifying users’ identities ensures that all interactions are real and trustworthy. Whether they are individuals or business owners, verified users have a green tick next to their profile pic. Verifying your profile helps you earn the trust of other Kinjos while increasing your posts’ visibility in the app!

Data protection - always

HiKinjo takes precautions to guarantee that the way we conduct business respects your data rights and adheres to all applicable data protection regulations. We ensure your personal data is secured in all possible ways. This means that the information shared on HiKinjo will never show up in Google or other search engines and will never reach the outside world. Users can modify their privacy settings to control which personal details they want others to see, and also erase all data whenever they want.

Never divulge your private information. Particularly valuable is financial information, such as credit card numbers, and bank account numbers.

Unless you know the member directly, you might want to avoid disclosing sensitive contact information like your phone number or email address. Remember that users don't require this to make transactions with you or send you messages.

Secure payments – guaranteed

Our in-app payment solution offers payment protection for all Kinjos, as well as seamless, secure local task completion. The following steps describe the payment flow used on the HiKinjo Wallet:

  • A Request is posted.
  • Kinjos interested in it make offers.
  • Payment is deducted from the consumer's Kinjo Wallet when they accept a Provider's offer, and it is safely held in until the task is completed.
  • Once the task is complete and acknowledged by both parties, the Provider will get the payment in their Wallet.

Powered by Q-Wallet and Stripe, Kinjo Wallet guarantees all payments since the Consumer pays for the service or product in advance. This way, both consumers and providers in HiKinjo can feel secure knowing that the funds have been committed to the job and will only be released when both sides acknowledge that the job has been finished.

HiKinjo aims to create a kinder, more collaborative society where everyone has a community they can rely on by bringing neighbours and organizations together. We strongly believe in the potential of change by fostering trust and creating strong connections that can help solve everyday problems.

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