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October 20, 2022

Digging soil might not get you gold but can get you a few pounds!

Because of the severe lack of trained trade workers in the UK, demand for trade jobs is at an all-time high. There is a significant need for tradespeople with gardening skills that has been growing steadily since the coronavirus pandemic, as Brits renovated both their houses and gardens. This increased the need for gardeners to assist with renovations and maintain gardens, including weeding and lawn mowing, making Gardeners one of the most in-demand trades across the UK.

So, if you have green fingers and some spare time, offering your gardening services within your community can be a great opportunity for you to bring in that needed extra cash. Or maybe you are looking for some help in your own gardening, but don’t have the knowledge or the time to manage. Your neighbourhood is the perfect place to get the help you need!

Regardless of whether you consider having green fingers a badge of honour or whether you're looking for some help, gardening demands extensive expertise. From how to grow veggies or how to keep pests from devouring your crops, the search for the ideal solution never ends. Here’s a list of the things you can do to help others in their gardening – or ask others to help you with:

Getting rid of pests

Many people cultivate their own fruit and vegetables in addition to gardening for aesthetic purposes. The most troublesome point in all cases is keeping pests away – or getting rid of them as soon as possible. Be it ants, moles, mice, or flies, pest control is always needed to keep the perfect garden.

Plant propagating

Propagating can be a very exciting activity – and even more so if it brings in cash! Various propagation techniques will be necessary depending on the plant, whether it's rooting a leaf, taking a stem cutting, or growing new roots in water. But practice makes the master, and soon you’ll have your own sprouts to sell!


Everyone should have a landscape in their home that provides the utmost comfort and relaxation, a brief respite from the daily grind. HiKinjo can be useful if you're unsure about where to start, or you can use your own landscape skills and knowledge to bring the ideal outdoor space for your neighbours!

Growing fruits, veggies, or herbs

One of the cornerstones of sustainable living is growing your own food. Selling your own fruits, vegetables and herbs is another option to gain money. But growing them also requires maintenance.

Garden maintenance, pruning, and weeding

Garden maintenance can be a strenuous, unpleasant, and messy task. So, if you don't have the time (or the desire) to do it yourself, why not hire affordable garden and weeding services from your neighbourhood on HiKinjo to do it for you? You'll save not only countless hours of labour but also the hassle and high expense. And better still, you won't have to deal with those annoying grass clippings again!

Gardening is possibly one of the most satisfying hobbies and it also contributes to the basic upkeep of your home. It is considered to promote happiness as well, as it fosters a sense of calm and well-being. On HiKinjo, you can offer your green fingers to help others out or find the help you need for your own garden. Just hop on the HiKinjo app, create a post either offering or requesting the service, and make your community life easier!

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