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October 20, 2022

Satisfy your cravings or your baking skills only on HiKinjo!

Cooking and baking skills are always in high demand. From everyday meals to social gatherings, tasty, home-cooked food is always the best choice. So, either if you want to cook yourself to offer your delicacies to others, or get homemade food delivered to your doorstep, HiKinjo is here to help you connect with your community.

Selling delicacies!

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or you just enjoy creating new recipes, you can use all that time spent in the kitchen to earn some easy extra cash by selling your delicacies to others in your community. You can prepare homemade meals for busy households, create a regular menu for customers to quickly order on the go, or even offer some weekly specials if you have a flair for various cuisines.

Baked goods are also a good idea, especially during the holiday season. Many people in your community may be wanting to treat the family to custom cakes and homemade pastries. And why not bake some sweets or savoury snacks to sell for Diwali?

If you’re the cooking type, simply offer your products on the HiKinjo app with the “Add offer” option, adding a pic of what you’re offering, the price you’d be charging, and any other necessary details. The best part is you can manage your own schedules and decide which days to work and deliver. And you can even ask another Kinjo to be your delivery guy!

Satisfy your cravings!

We adore the idea of wanting to do everything. But let’s face it, sometimes we’re just too busy to shop, make decisions, prepare, and cook a filling meal every day. Or perhaps we just need to get some rest. Instead of going to the store at the last-minute and finding the shelves empty or grabbing a quick snack from the neighbourhood takeaway, you can get the best delicacies from your neighbourhood by ordering on HiKinjo!

Getting someone to prepare your meals for you has never been so simple. Consider all the extra time you'll have to devote to work, household tasks, and relaxation! All you need to do is browse through the HiKinjo app’s listings and find out what your neighbours are cooking. Or perhaps you want something really special? Just post a request with your needs and let the Kinjos come to your aid! Don’t forget to add the dietary restrictions if you have any. Others in your area will see your post and start responding. To choose whose service best meets your demands, you can check their profiles, ratings, and reviews.

Either if you want to sell your home-cooked goods or buy from someone near you, HiKinjo is here for you. Create your profile today and start earning and sharing! It’s free and just takes a few seconds to register.

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