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September 29, 2022

Why Your Community Is The Key To Your Happiness

At HiKinjo, we can think of many reasons why your community is the key to your happiness, can you?

You see, we all want our lives to have meaning and we all want to feel like we belong, these are natural human needs.

Many research institutions have repeatedly recognised strong social ties and meaningful connections as the source of happiness.

People may develop those relationships more quickly and scalable by being a part of strong communities. Being a part of a community offers an immediate sense of social connection that can be deepened through time and can hasten the development of enduring connections.

Community sharing food

A community is much more than a neighbourhood or a nationality. It is a group of people that feel like they belong together, sharing the same vision, and adding value to each other’s lives. A community's power comes from its members' enthusiasm and drive to work toward common goals or share experiences.

This Is Exactly Why Your Community Is The Key To Your Happiness!

So, regardless of what your role is in life, whether you are a leader at an organisation, a worker, or student, a child, or a parent, you can harness the power of your community Here are some keys for you and those around you to building a stronger community:

Have A Shared Purpose And Common Values: 

A single goal unites good communities. Strong communities arise when members have a shared objective or goal that they want to accomplish together, whether it is something serious, like addressing a global issue, or something lighter, like working out to get in better condition.

Their members also have similar values. Values must be clearly stated, broadly accepted, and reinforced in a variety of ways so that they become ingrained in the culture.

Values and purpose can be developed by working together to create them, by persuading others to embrace them, or by putting the proper recruiting and selection procedures in place to welcome new members into a community based on fit with the community's already stated values and purpose.

Encourage Connection: 

Strong communities are those in which many members of the group are well-known to one another. In order to be connected, one must be aware of what others are doing, what they are interested in, and what they are skilled at. Communities with higher levels of connectedness are more likely to have members who can benefit from one another's contributions and produce more collaboration that can make everyday life easier for everybody, building a more collaborative community.

Increase Interactions: 

Greater chances of community members finding methods to benefit each other come from more frequent contact. According to research, knowing as few as six neighbours lowers the risk of feeling lonely and is associated with a reduction in melancholy, social anxiety, and financial worries. So, why not check on that lonely neighbour from around the corner? Maybe they are new to the area or aren’t able to be with family and friends. Random acts of neighbourly kindness can make them feel welcome while you enjoy being appreciated by them.

Create And Promote Shared Experiences: 

Sharing experiences is a great method to connect people who are extremely different from one another. Maybe you’re one football player short, why not invite someone new to join? Or get in touch with the family around the block for a shared picnic and playdate?

Support Local Businesses: 

Shopping locally is a great way to support your community's small businesses and show them some love by leaving them glowing reviews. Through HiKinjo, you can find business suggestions from your neighbours, making it simple to uncover local favourites.

In conclusion, while community development can appear to be a vague and abstract idea, building strong communities is the cornerstone for people’s happiness and well-being. People are more emotionally stable and happier when they have close relationships with others in their communities. This improves their ability to work with and assist other community members to accomplish more than anyone of them could do on their own.

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