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September 29, 2022

How To Make Money From Your Hobbies In Your Community!

Looking for new opportunities to monetise your skills and make money from your hobbies while helping others within your neighbourhood?

With HiKinjo, getting the chance to make money by doing something you really enjoy has never been easier!  

Get Ready! 

The first and most crucial step in starting a side hustle is deciding what you'll be doing. Your interests and skills will of course determine the kind of side hustle you select. The ideal thing to do is to take on a marketable, fun endeavour, that you can do in addition to your day job or full-time work. 

Prioritising flexibility and passion for your work is the perfect way to monetise your skills, not to mention the chance it offers to access several income streams simultaneously.

Platforms like HiKinjo empower you to choose the work you want to do, when to do it and most importantly, how much you get paid. As well as earning a little extra, there's tons of benefits of being part of your community. For example, did you know that your community can play a huge role in your happiness and well-being?

If you’re still unsure, we have prepared some suggestions for any skill set. Get ready to make money from your hobbies!

  1. Pet Sitting And Pet Walking  

This is the perfect idea for any pet lover. You can make extra cash by watching over your neighbours’ pets while their away or at work or offer yourself as a dog walker.  

Make money from your hobbies by dog walking.
  1. Homemade Delicacies  

No doubt the tastiest way to make money from your hobbies! 

Not everyone has the baking skills or the patience to learn. Or maybe, they just don’t have the time to cook themselves.  So, you can really brighten someone else’s day with a freshly baked cake, or a healthy meal, or even prepare lunch for the next-door kids to bring to school and deliver dinner for your neighbour who works late hours! 

Make money from your hobbies by making cup cakes.
  1. Share Your Knowledge With Others 

If you have valuable knowledge to share, you can have a lucrative side hustle. You can tutor your working neighbours’ kids to meet their children's educational needs or teach a foreign language or skill. There are many students – young and grown - ready to learn from you if you're an expert in math, a fan of literature, or a sucker for music.  

As a private tutor, you can supplement your income, and you can even work remotely if you prefer! 

Teaching subjects.
  1. Handywork 

Do you have a talent for mending leaky faucets and damaged pipes? Can you repair outdated electrical wiring and outlets in addition to changing a light bulb? Do you hurry to the scene as soon as something in your home requires fixing, upkeep, or installation? Handymen skills are always helpful! And while neighbours around us may not have the time – or skills – to do some household chores, you can share your skills with them and earn some extra. 

Make money from your hobbies by doing DIY.
  1. Freelancing 

Doing freelance work for a local business is always a great idea if you have skills like programming, graphics, writing, or photography. You can also start a blog about your hobbies, or post your thoughts on anything that interests you, including food, travel, beauty, music, and so on! 

  1. Gardening  

Whether you’re a hobbyist or an expert, gardening is a super valuable skill. You can grow and sell your own veggies, herbs, and seeds, or even offer gardening services – like maintenance, weeding, or lawn mowing – for those who need it within your community.  

  1. Arts And Crafts 

If you love arts and crafts, this is your chance to shine! Whether your creative side is just beginning to emerge or you're an experienced crafter eager to try something new, crafting is a very lucrative activity, and there are plenty of simple DIY handicraft ideas you can explore. 

You can make homemade scented candles or jewellery, hand-painted ceramic mugs, custom t-shirts, anything you can think of!  

  1. Deliver Essentials 

Love shopping? Why not do your neighbours’ groceries while doing your own? Since not everyone has the freedom or the time to go out and buy food, medicine, and other necessities, many people now opt to have their essentials delivered. Groceries might occasionally take up to a week to arrive because major supermarkets are under pressure to fulfil a huge volume of internet purchases. Doing shopping for others is a great way to boost your income while helping others. 

You’re All Set! 

When you consciously decide to make money from your hobbies, you win. Why? Because earning money from doing something you love is a beautiful thing.

“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” – said the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, and he was right!

But one thing is clear: anyone can start a side gig. To get started, all you need is an idea and some drive. HiKinjo gives you plenty of opportunities to start making extra money, whether you choose to do so by listing products or offering a service. When you're ready, it's time to promote your services widely.

With HiKinjo, you can reach more people whether you're selling your bakery, pet-sitting, or assisting neighbours with odd chores around the house.  

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