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September 29, 2022

Spread the warmth – and the earnings – with this winter care packages ideas! 

As the winter season approaches, Emma finds herself thinking about warming up her community’s days. After a little consideration, she thought, why not put together some winter care packages to offer to her neighbours on HiKinjo?  

She starts pondering about what to add to the package, and where to get those items. She then remembers she saw a few days ago a post by Martha around the corner that she was doing homemade lip balms. Lip balms are just perfect for this season! She resolves that buying from skilled people around her neighbourhood is a great way to benefit a lot of people with a single hustle.  

If you, like Emma, are thinking of preparing your own winter care packages to offer in your neighbourhood, but you have no idea where to start, here are some ideas for you

Bookworm package: Remember all those books you’ve already read and are just collecting dust on your bookshelf? This is your opportunity to give them a second life. Separate those books you’re not going to read anymore and prep up a bookworm care package with them. You can even ask on HiKinjo if someone would like to donate some books as well! And why not add a DIY hot cocoa kit and bookmarks to make their winter reading super cosy?  

Pet-lover package:  

Have the best pet food delivered to family members who own dogs, cats, hamsters, or any other animal. You're not required to end there! When a dog or cat can't go for a walk, a chew toy or catnip toy can calm them down. You can also include a brand-new feeding bowl, a vibrant leash, or even a plush pet bed to complete your sweet care package! 

Sweet tooth package: If you’re not the cooking type yourself, get in touch with someone in your neighbourhood who is! Get to HiKinjo and order some homemade cookies or sweets from your neighbour around the corner for a very special sweet package to make even the dullest days better! 

Kids package: Even if it's simple to download colouring or art applications for smartphones and tablets these days, there's still something special about watching a black-and-white canvas come to life with colour. Painting can be a fun and soothing activity kids can do with their friends, in addition to encouraging them to take a break from screens. And you can ask that designer guy who lives just two blocks away to design the drawings. So, get ready some cool paint-by-numbers kits for those creative kids in your community! 

Healthy package: Want to prepare something for the healthy snackers in your community? Prep the best ingredients for a DIY healthy bar – some almonds, nuts, and dried fruits –, write down the instructions, pack them up, and it’s ready to go! 

Coffee-lover package: You can prepare a nifty coffee kit to help someone warm up and start their mornings on the right foot. Add a coffee mug, some coffee beans and grounds, and why not some of the homemade cookies you got from your neighbour on HiKinjo? 

Skincare package: Harsh winter days require special care. Rich homemade body butter, lipbalms, and hydrating sheet masks work wonders to keep the skin supple in the face of the dry winter air. For the ideal at-home spa experience, add some scented candles! That nice lady two blocks away makes the perfect homemade scented candles. Choose calming aromas like lavender and eucalyptus or cosy, woodsy odours like vanilla and sandalwood. 

Vegetable package: Why not get in touch with that local producer and prepare a package of organic vegetables? Add some seasonal veggies and, why not, some recipes for the cold days ahead. You can also get some homemade preserves from your next door neighbour!  

These are but a few suggestions to help you in creating the best care packages. These winter boxes are perfect to spread some love and warmth around you, as well as a great opportunity to help your neighbours grow their businesses and side hustles.  Once you've decided what to give, all that's left to do is ask for the necessary deliveries, pack everything up within a box (include some vibrant paper shreds or a classy ribbon for some extra glitz) and offer them to your community on HiKinjo!  

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